James McGar’s

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for students wishing to improve their Brazilian Jiu-jitsu game or improve their skills in American Kenpo Karate. Private lessons are a great way to accelerate your training. They allow you to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses through one-on-one personal attention.

Private lessons aren’t meant to replace the class setting, but they are a very effective way to enhance your training and take your skill set to a whole new level. Whether you are a new student looking to accelerate your learning experience or an experienced martial artist: private lessons are the key to getting better, faster. Invest in some private lessons. It doesn’t have to be weekly, it can even be once a month, but either way the benefits can be very useful.

Reasons to take Private Lessons


You get the instructor’s full attention.

Group classes are great because you get to train with all sorts of different people. However, with that benefit comes a major down side; a good teacher has to divide his time as fairly as possible between everyone in the class. So if you’re in a school full of 30-50 people per class, you’re going to have a hard time getting the most detail out of your professor. That’s why having his full attention in a private for 30 min to an hour is really valuable.


Learn as much detail as needed

Another thing that’s great about private lessons is that you can take the time to dissect certain details that you would never have the chance to really get into in regular classes. As many people know, jiu-jitsu is all about detail, a slight angle change in any position can be a world of difference. So this is your chance to really get the details that your game has been missing.


Customized help.

Usually, in regular classes, your professor does not take individual questions – there is a program that is followed and everyone sticks to it, and sure, you can ask your professor questions about what he is demonstrating, but you won’t have the chance to really look into your own game. In a private lesson, it’s all about you. You can write down a list of things that have been frustrating you and you can really work out those personal techniques you’ve been thinking about.


Get rolling or training time with your professor.

Another benefit of getting undivided attention is that you can get to roll with your teacher during your private lesson. A lot of teachers like to roll with their students during the regular group classes, however, in larger classes it will almost be impossible for the instructor to really get a chance to be with everyone. A private lesson will guarantee time where you can test yourself against your teacher and have him/her analyze your game better by feeling you roll.



Do you have a scattered work schedule? Can’t make it to as many classes as you’d like because of it? Well, a private lesson can be booked when it’s convenient for both you and your professor. Even if your professor has a tight schedule, your options are still better. You can book an extra quality training session whenever possible.